A Full Foundation Installed in Just 1 Day!

(Composite Footings & Panels)

*High Performance * Speed * Flexibility*

Build Faster. Easier. Greener.

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Why Use Epitome Foundation Walls and Footings?


A Full Foundations can be installed in just 1 day! This creates incredible time savings for builders.

Hug Increase in Builder Productivity

A builder can expect 1-2 weeks reduced from their building cycle.

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This system is a high-perfomance alternative made from high quality fiberglass composite.

Turnkey Solution

Each panel contains R-16.5 insualtion, stud framing 16″ OC, and is completely waterproof.

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Everything is precisely controlled from manufacturing, to fabrication, to installation.

Predictable Building Cycle

We fabricate foundations exactly to the correct dimensions.

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The carbon footprint of this system is MUCH smaller than the alternatives.

Greener Construction

There are no forms, rebar, trucks, and most of all, NO CONCRETE in the products.

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How The Modco Composite Foundation System Compares

composite foundation vs concrete

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Completed Projects

Recent Completed Projects

This innovative foundation system has been around for over 14 years. See a list of our recently completed projects below. We install foundations for new homes, ADU’s, garages, residential projects, and it can be used for commercial. Also be sure to check out the upcoming installs to see one live.


Our Core Values

Our Clients Say

“The Modco Systems composite foundation has been an absolutely phenomenal product. We’ve been using it for our new builds for the last 8 months and its been an absolute solution for us. The ease of installation, time savings, strength of the product, and 15-year warranty are all major benefits of the system over concrete.”

Ed • Builder, Peak 2 Peak Construction

Latest News

The first home built with our foundation system (prefab panels and footings) has officially been completed! The address is 604 S Maher Dr, Pueblo, CO. To see the pictures from start to finish, please click the link below.


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