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Why We Started

Abraham, the founder of Modular Construction Systems (MCS), is an entrepreneurial General Contractor and is always looking for opportunities to improve the building process. When he was introduced to the Epitome Foundation System, the first certified composite foundation system, he saw the promise of an alternative building practice that brings a lot of efficiencies never before seen in the construction industry.

Why Composite Foundations?

For the first time ever, an alternative to concrete (besides wood foundations) has been approved and certified by the ICC. Composites serve an important role in construction, and now as an alternative option, it presents a lot of solutions for builders and homeowners alike, such as:

  • A completely waterproof foundation.
  • A stronger panel that has almost 3x the compressive strength as concrete.
  • A foundation panel that is guaranteed not to crack.
  • A completely concrete-free system with no rebar, forms, curing, casting, and is unaffected by the weather.
  • A turnkey system where each panel contains R-16.5 insulation, integrated stud framing 16″ OC, and a double top plate.
  • A much greener and more environmentally friendly system that has a smaller carbon footprint than the alternatives.

Cutting Edge Technology

These advantages are what we saw when introduced to the foundation system. Concrete has its purpose and is going nowhere. But for those you that are like us and want to be on the cutting edge of innovation and construction, this foundation system presents that opportunity.

Recent Projects

Meet Our Team

Abraham Harari
Abraham HarariCEO
Abraham Harari founded Modular Construction Systems in 2020 after successfully establishing a construction company and a real estate investment firm. From the start and throughout his versatile career his focus has been on innovation, transparency, and integrity. Unlike many entrepreneurs, Abraham believes in integrating the personal with the professional both inside and outside the company. He is a big believer in cooperation rather than competition. Abraham develops a personal rapport with all his employees and his clients alike, and fundamentally believes that to be the cornerstone of his operations.

In his own words, “I don’t believe any business venture can be successful without the utmost devotion of its leaders. I think many business fail when the management takes a back seat and hope the business will drive itself. It is like a child, requiring constant nurturing and attention. Ultimately, what you give is what you get.”

Bo Birkeland
Bo BirkelandSales Manager
Bo Birkeland is a business development professional for Modular Construction Systems. After experiencing the product being installed firsthand for a home in Wisconsin and seeing the potential to replace concrete with this new, environmentally friendly solution, he joined the team. The ability to make a big impact on the world while teaming up with a business that is on the cutting-edge and forefront of technology fits right into his wheelhouse. Construction is a slow changing industry and needs visionaries to push the boundaries in order to develop better building practices. Bo is here to do exactly that.
David Snyder
David SnyderDirector of Operations
David is a Denver native and has spent the last 5 years in commercial construction as a field engineer for Swinerton Construction and Suntec Concrete. He is a proud father of two girls and one boy.
Bruce Martin
Bruce MartinProduct Specialist
Bruce Martin is excited to be a part of the Modular Constructions Team. Bruce has a BS in Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology and has a passion for innovation in residential home building. He began his career building affordable homes in Chicago’s toughest areas and eventually moved to a start up residential builder in the Chicago South Suburbs. Starting as a field superintendent and working his way through roles before eventually leading a 600 home per year division for several years. The snowboarding bug brought him to Colorado and after several years in home building, decided to switch careers and work for himself.

Currently, Bruce is a Real Estate investor, assisting other like minded entrepreneur people achieve their goals. Bruce is a real estate agent, home flipper, coach for new flippers, home builder in Pueblo and MCS representative. He is excited to introduce this foundation product to area home builders and expanding the demand further West.

Diego Morales
Diego MoralesProduct Specialist
Diego Morales is a senior a product specialist at Modular Construction Systems. He specializes in rapid home construction and implementation of new building practices. Diego is experienced in residential construction and well versed in traditional home building.

“My passion is in finding creative ways to solve everyday problems, especially when it comes to structures and building practices. From a young age I have always tried to manipulate object and materials in order to create something entirely different. I find that working with MCS allows me to implement my passion and present the world with a new way of building.”

The Composite Difference

composite foundation vs concrete

Recently Completed Work

Below is a collection of the projects that have been completed here in Colorado.


Our Clients Say

“The Modco Systems composite foundation has been an absolutely phenomenal product. We’ve been using it for our new builds for the last 8 months and its been an absolute solution for us. The ease of installation, time savings, strength of the product, and 15-year warranty are all major benefits of the system over concrete.”

Ed • Builder, Peak 2 Peak Construction

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