The First Ever Complete Foundation Transfer

Why Did We Move The Foundation?

Due to an error on the initial survey, this foundation was installed within the setbacks for the property lines. Since this was only discovered after the foundation was installed, we had to move the entire foundation about 6 feet forward and about 1 foot to the side.

On-Site Modifications Made EASY!

This example shows the versatility of our composite foundation system. Had this been concrete, it would have taken weeks to demolish, dispose of, re-excavate, reform, pour the footings and walls, etc.

With our system, it took a day to excavate, and then an hour (!) to move the entire foundation 6 feet. This saved the builder tons and tons of time, money, and headache from a simple mistake of miscalculating the setbacks. We now have a happy builder, as well as their client, and are on track to finish this project on time with just a small change order.