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Epitome Foundation Composite Panels

In 2001, Glenn Schiffman and his father had a vision for a better solution to concrete foundations for residential homes. With their extensive background in construction, they began the process of developing the Epitome composite panels and footers we now have today.

There are many advantages of using composite panels both from the vantage point of builders and homeowners. The walls are energy efficient, have a smaller carbon footprint, and require less labor and resources to install a full foundation.

This technology can be used for basements, crawl spaces, modular homes, additions, walk-out basements, and more.

An Entire Foundation Installed in just 1 Day!

Fully ICC and NTA Approved


R16.5 Insulation

Each panel contains R16.5 insulation for better performance and energy-efficient basements.

Water Resistant

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The panels are made out of a composite fiberglass material, similar to what boats and jets are made of. This makes them completely waterproof (except for the joints which are damp-proofed) and water will not get through – unlike concrete.

Guaranteed Not to Crack

There is a 15-year warranty included for each panel. 3rd party testing has proven that the panels are 2-3x stronger than concrete. They are guaranteed not to crack, while concrete is guaranteed to crack.

Huge Time Savings

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A full foundation for a house can be installed in 4 hours, including the damp proofing. There is no curing, waiting, casting, forms, etc. that concrete has. Once the foundation is installed, the builder can move on to the next step instantly.

On-Site Adjustments

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We rarely make mistakes in construction. But when we do, especially with foundations, the mistakes are very costly. With our foundation system, mistakes are easily corrected. Window and door cutouts can be made on site, moving the footing takes little time, and panels can easily be replaced if needed.

Multiple Applications

This foundation system can be used for garden level basements, walkout basements, modular homes, additions, ADU’s, underpins, apartment buildings, hotels, commercial projects, mountain homes, and more.

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