Composite Foundation Footings

As strong as a typical concrete footing, these certified composite footings are engineered to be a turnkey solution for residential projects. They can be used for crawl space foundations, full basements, garages, ADUs, and frost/stem walls. They are officially ICC and NTA Certified.

prefab foundation31
prefab foundation9


  • Fast Installation; super easy to pick up, maneuver, and install.
    • Eliminate; forms, rebar, inspections, concrete trucks.
      • Increase efficiency by 500%
      • Significantly reduce labor, materials, and delays
  • Prescriptive Engineering; ICC/NTA approved so jurisdictional approval is easily obtained. The footings can be used for a variety of project types such as basements, crawl spaces, and stem/frost walls for garages and ADUs.
    • The footings can also be used for point loads.
  • Non Weather Dependent; install the footings in warm weather, cold weather, while it’s snowing. Light rain can be ok but dry conditions are preferred.
    • Increase builder productivity
    • Build throughout the entire year with no delays.

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